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We welcome and thank so many of you who are new CSCMP members or decided to renew your CSCMP Membership over the past months.  It is an exciting time for CSCMP as a global body with our Membership growing and so many research, networking and event benefits flowing to our DFW members.  If you travel for work, we encourage you to visit the monthly events of other Roundtables to appreciate this vast network of CSCMP members across the land.


US Army Captain Kris Clark provided our Roundtable an insightful and entertaining overview of the important role which Logisticians play across the Armed Forces to ensure the outcomes of missions.  I personally gained a new appreciation of the challenges presented by the asymmetrical front which is the new norm in the US battles against forces which do not have a traditional front line anymore.  It was also heartening to learn that the Army is making a dent in human trafficking across the Texas-Mexico border.


We look forward to seeing you all at our exciting programs in the coming months




Brent Hudspeth
Brent Hudspeth 
President, Dallas Fort Worth Roundtable

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