2016 Fall Scholarship Winner

Asia Phillips

Asia Phillips graduated in the Spring of 2017 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Spanish. As a transfer student to the University of North Texas, Asia received her Associate of Arts degree prior to attending the University of North Texas where she is currently a student. Asia is an active member of the Logistics Student Association(LogSA) at her university and seeks to learn as much as possible. She looks forward to continuing her education at the University of North Texas, and is determined to become an invaluable asset to the logistics and supply chain profession. 



The academic scholarship that I was awarded by the CSCMP Dallas/Fort Worth Roundtable assisted me tremendously during my Senior year and final semester at the University of North Texas. Through this scholarship I was able to focus my attention on my studies, as well as continue my involvement as President of the Logistics Student Association. My need for a part-time job while finishing out my final semester at UNT was eliminated, and I was able to devote all my time and energy towards my classes. I will always be thankful for the ways in which CSCMP and all of its members assisted me and my matriculation at UNT.

Asia Philips