Past Awardees


Distinguished Logistics Practitioner Award

This honor is awarded to the practitioner that has made significant and outstanding contributions to the Dallas/Fort Worth area and the logistics profession. This honor takes into consideration the candidates contributions to the logistics discipline, research,  education and service to the community. This candidate is recognized as a leader in the logistics profession in the  DFW Metroplex.   Special considerations are given to his or her lifelong contribution to the logistics profession.

Kenneth Beam, CEO, Pegasus TransAir Inc. – Ken is a true entrepreneur who is the founder and owner of Pegasus Logistics. He was a regular donor of substantial funds to establish the TLEF Center for Logistics Education and Research at UNT. Ken hired interns, and then retained them as permanent employees as he built the business at Pegasus. In addition, Ken sponsored a number of live case projects at Pegasus for the senior level logistics class at UNT. This broad support was a cornerstone of the success of the new logistics program at UNT.

Dr. Pat Calabro, Professor, University of Texas at Arlington  – (Deceased) A long time marketing professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, Dr. Pat was a man ahead of his time. He did his Ph.D. at Michigan State University under the guidance of the legendary Dr. Don Bowersox. Until the creation of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation and the first formal logistics program at UNT, he was the only academic who actively taught “distribution and logistics” in the entire DFW area. Dr. Pat was also an aggressive driver of student involvement in the Roundtable, and the Roundtable’s commitment to students.

Pete Caruthers, VP Distribution, Pepsico – (Deceased) During his long career with Pepsico (Frito Lay), Pete led many of the project initiatives that have made Pepsico a worldwide leader in logistics and supply chain management. He was instrumental in the application of information technology tools to streamline and upgrade distribution operations and the Frito Lay store – door delivery system.

Raymond Greer, President & CEO, GreatWide Logistics – (09) Raymond was an early supporter of the development of the logistics program at University of North Texas.  He was a driving force to unite the logistics community and corporations to get behind a strong logistics program in the DFW area.   He is well respected and recognized in the logistics community for being able to bring people and companies together and working together to achieve success.

Joe B. Hall, President, Central Freight Lines  – Central Freight Lines was the largest and most profitable intrastate motor carrier in Texas. With the deregulation of intrastate trucking, Joe led CFL through a very difficult restructuring and transition period. He guided CFL’s emergence into a profitable and successful regional carrier, able to compete in the new regulatory environment.

William “Bill” Huie, Asst VP Corporate Transportation, NCH Corporation (06)– Throughout his long career as a consummate transportation professional, Bill has been instrumental in leading efforts to improve carrier/ shipper relations, driver shortage, cargo liability, and intrastate deregulation in Texas. He championed reform of the carriage of hazardous materials, and resolution of the “undercharge issue”.

William W. Lamothe, Chief Sales & Mktg Officer, Exel Global Logistics – A true entrepreneur, Bill was a founding donor who committed substantial funding over a period of 4 years to establish the TLEF Center for Logistics Education and Research at UNT. He was the first to hire an intern in the infancy of the program. This early commitment of capital and to students was a cornerstone of the success of the Center. Bill was the founder of Skyking Logistics, which he later sold to Exel Logistics and continued to serve as Exel’s Vice President of Marketing.

Rob Lewin, Manager, Global Logistics Solutions Center, EDS – Throughout his career, Rob has been a leader in the worldwide development and successful implementation of the 4PL/ 3PL concept/His program at Alcatel was turned into a case study that was presented at CLM National and APICS, and earned the AST&L ‘Partnership Award’. He next brought the concept to EDS, which resulted in continuing annual cost savings in excess of $10 million.

Cliff Lynch, President, Trammell Crow Distribution Centers – Over a 40 year career, Cliff has been a leader in the evolution of our industry, from its narrowly focused intracompany ‘physical distribution management’ days to the global ‘supply chain management’ of today. After many years at Quaker Oats, Cliff came to Dallas with Trammel Crow Distribution Centers and led its merger with Exel Logistics. He continues to serve the industry as an independent consultant. He was one of the Founders of NCPDM, the genesis organization of CLM and CSCMP.

Matt Rose, Chairman & CEO, BNSF – (08)

Ken Sharma, VP, i2 Technologies (Deceased) – Ken was one of the founders of ‘i 2 Technology’, a logistics software company based in Dallas. ‘i 2 Technology’ was one of the first companies to offer an integrated supply chain management solution, and has hundreds of installations worldwide. He was also a strong supporter of logistics education in the DFW area.

Darby T. Strickland, Jr., President/CEO, Shippers Warehouse Co. Inc (07) – Darby has been President of International Warehouse and Logistics Association, Texas Warehouseman’s Association and Pleasant Grove Chamber of Commerce.  In addition, he has served on the board of directors for Methodist Hospital, Dallas Museum of National History, Dallas National Bank, East Park National Bank Dallas Arboretum, Sportsman’s Club of Texas, IWLA and East Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

Michael Todres, Sr. VP Distribution, JC Penney Company – A long time logistics executive, Mike was at the forefront of developing worldwide sourcing and purchasing, and the systems needed to distribute products for resale throughout the JCPenney company. He was a true leader in the development of international commerce, particularly with Asian sources.

Outstanding Contribution to Logistics Education

This honor is awarded to the individual that has made outstanding contributions to logistics education in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This honor takes into consideration a candidates contribution to logistics education at all levels, from high schools to college curriculums. This candidate is recognized for helping make logistics education a reality in the Metroplex.

Robert J. Alderlink, Executive Director-Logistics Services, Verizon – Bob brought the prestige of his company to the support of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation (TLEF) in its early days, and actively supported students through contributions to the TLEF scholarship fund, providing semester long internship opportunities, and hiring some of the first class of graduate logistics majors from the University of North Texas.

Scott A. Ames, President and Owner, Logistics Associates (07) – Scott was a founding member of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation which has been instrumental in the development of logistics programs in the DFW Metroplex.  He is a distinguished executive lecturer and has been an instruction at the University of North Texas, Southern Methodist University, North Lake College and the Dallas County Community Colleges.  He has served as president of the DFW Roundtable on two occasions and chairman of the Scholarship Committee of the Texas Logistics Education Foundatation.

Greg Chalkley, Director, Global Trade Compliance, Texas Instruments, Inc. – Greg was one of a small group of DFW logistics executives that provided early support to efforts to develop logistics education in the metroplex.  He provided early research in the need for logistics education in Texas which would later evolve into the Texas Logistics Education Foundation.  While President of the Roundtable, Greg championed the effort to broaden awareness of the impact of logistics on the Texas economy through the Logistics Week in Texas celebration.  He went on to Chair the 1st National Logistics Awareness Week.  Greg has also served on the Board of Directors for CSCMP and on the Executive Advisory Committee of the University of North Texas Marketing and Logistics Department.

Raymond Greer, VP, Ryder – Because of Ray’s leadership, his company was the first major logistics organization to support the Texas Logistics Education Foundation (TLEF) with substantial contributions to the scholarship fund, a key element of bringing a major in logistics to the attention of a large number of students at the University of North Texas.

Dr. Ron Hasty, Chairman, Marketing Department, University of North Texas  –  With substantial effort and at some professional risk, Ron was the first member of the DFW academic community to pick up the banner of logistics education.  He is the creator of the undergraduate logistics major and founder of the Center for Logistics Education and Research (CLER) at the University of North Texas, which has been the model for other logistics programs in the DFW area and other regions of the United States.

Nancy Nix, Director, Supply & Value Chain Center & Associate Professor, Texas Christian University – (09) – Nancy joined TCU in 2001 and established the Neeley School of Business Supply and Value Chain Center. In her role as Director, she led the development of TCU’s MBA and undergraduate programs in supply chain management. Nancy has served the DFW supply chain and logistics communities as a member of the North Texas Commission Logistics Marketing Committee and the Fort Worth Chamber Workforce Quality Committee. She also serves on the Board of Directors of CSCMP.

Robert K. Reynolds, Proprietor, Reynolds and Company – Entirely on his own initiative and his own personal expense, Bob created the Texas Logistics Education Foundation, which was the focus of industry support and the catalyst for the first logistics education program (at the University of North Texas) in Texas, and in the entire SouthWest Region of the United States. Logistics education in the DFW area would still be a dream except for Bob’s vision of what could be. He continiues to serve as Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation

James J. “Jim” Struble, VP, Joe Foster Company (06)- An early supporter of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation, Jim invested many hours of his time, his professional reputation, his company facilities, and personally funded one of the first scholarships awarded to a student enrolled in the new logistics program at the University of North Texas. He was a leader among the small group of professionals committed to bringing logistics education to the DFW area.

E. John Ward, President, Dallas Transfer and Terminal Company – The first and long time President of the Board of Directors of the Texas Logistics Education Foundation, John was an early corporate and personal supporter of logistics education.. He has spent countless hours guiding the development of logistics education throughout the DFW area. When he began logistics education did not exist at all. Now, it is a part of the curriculum at the University of North Texas, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas at Dallas, and both the Dallas County and Tarrant County community college districts, in no small part because of his efforts.

Kathy Wilkins, Vice President, Alliance Operating Services – (09)  Kathy serves on the board of directors for the North Texas Commission and has been instrumental in the development of educational logistics programs in the DFW area.  Focused and committed to improve education at all levels by creating programs for mid-high school to university level education to assure a strong and well educated work force for the DFW Metroplex.

Outstanding Contribution to the Logistics Community

This honor is awarded to the individual with outstanding service to the logistics community in the North Texas area. This honor takes into consideration a candidates service to the community in the areas of community service, charity and diversity.

Richard Allen, CEO, Allen Group – (09)  Richard as CEO of the Allen Group is working on the development of the Dallas Logistics Hub, which spans across the communities of Dallas, Lancaster, Wilmer and Hutchins, will serve as a major Inland Port for regional and national distribution.

Albert C. Black, Jr., CEO, On Target Logistics – Founder of his own logistics services company, Albert is the entrepreneurial driver behind ‘On Target Logistics’. He has been recognized for his success as a leading Minority Owned Business in the DFW area. Albert is actively involved in the betterment of the Dallas area, especially his contributions to the Dallas Independent School District.

Steve Boecking, Vice President, Hillwood Properties – Steve has served on the Greater Dallas Chamber and was the Chairman of the Korea Task Force and Chairman of the China Task Force.  He has been very involved with several Asia Business Mission Trips sponsored by the Chamber.  He was co-chairman of the logistics committee of the North Texas Commission and has served on the board of directors for the Interlink Education Program.

Patrick Boyle, President, Eureka Consulting, Inc – President and Co-Founder of his logistics consulting firm, Patrick played an instrumental role in designing and directing the logistics for the “Shower of Love” program.  This program seeks to supply indigent families with the basics needed to support their newborn when the family goes home from Parkland Hospital.  Patrick’s leadership and designs have stood the test of time and have been used is successive years efforts.

Nick Hallack, President & CEO, Medisend International  – (09)

Carl Hecht, VP, North Texas Future Fund, North Texas Commission – (Deceased) Carl brought ‘logistics’ and its contributions to the DFW regional economy to the top of the issues addressed by the North Texas Commission. He was an early supporter of bringing logistics education to area universities. Carl has been a tireless promoter of the capabilities of the Dallas Fort Worth area as a worldwide logistics hub.

Tom “Zip” Zibton, Sales, Crown Packaging Corp – A long time logistics professional, ‘‘Zip’ has been a major contributor to the “Shower of Love” program. This program seeks to supply indigent families with the basics needed to support their newborn when the family goes home from Parkland Hospital. ‘Zip’ has been a leader in the effort to gather the resources for this effort to  distribute newborn care items to the families for several years.